Jesus Intelligence website strives to provide insights to biblical truths by emphasizing the grammatical, literal, historical, and practical context of scriptures. The term, Intelligence means the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Therefore by acquiring and applying biblical knowledge rooted in Jesus Christ, our hope is that you will be strengthen spiritually. More importantly, delivered from circumstances and restored to peace in God.


The articles on this site are written by author Kemir Baker. Kemir Baker has been a Christian for over twenty years. She endured a traumatic childhood, which propelled her to seek sanctuary in God and ultimately through his son Jesus Christ. Therefore, she personally understands the need to apply Jesus to her life for deliverance and restoration. As she has matured in her walk with God, she took a leap of faith to pursue her passion to deepen her understanding of the scriptures. She elected and completed a Masters in Theological Studies from Regent University. She completed her studies in August 2016. During her degree program, she developed a deep passion for exegetical studies. She was amazed by her studies in the original grammatical, literal, and historical context of the scriptures and the richness it provides for a deeper level of intimacy with God and his Word. Not only richness, but identifying the continuity and completeness of God's Word. Her journey with God is not complete due to graduating; however, it has just begun.