The Lord Alone

Deuteronomy 6:4 – 5 is commonly known as the Shema and represents the genre of the covenant and law from God for the Israelites. The law provides Israel guidelines for successful living from plowing the land to protection from diseases. When the Israelites adhere to these laws, they not only reap the benefits of successful living, but they learn how to live a devoted and reliant life upon God. This devoted and reliant life occurred daily for pious Jews who recited this passage as a prayer morning and evening.

The Beatitudes

Most Christians prefer to meditate on the goodness of God. We also may prefer to meditate on his blessings as a reminder of his power in our lives, his undivided devotion, and his protective care. However, would we meditate on blessings that require actions which demonstrate God's sovereignty in our lives? The beatitudes denote such blessings.

Jesus' Divinity and Authority

Christians explore what our lives would be like if we meditated on Christ's authority. Would we walk around more confident? Would we take more risks or do the impossible for God in our everyday lives? Would we speak more boldly to others, especially about the Gospel of Christ? Would we interact with others without fear? Most likely, we would witness the power of God in our lives without bounds. The Gospel of Mark provides an example of Christ's authority. In particular, Mark 5:1-20 reveals Jesus divinity and authority, during his interaction with the demonic man.

Divine Favor

What would our lives be like if we as Christians meditated on the manifestation of God's divine favor in our lives verses our circumstances? In Genesis 39: 19-23, we witness Joseph being jailed for false accusations and yet thrive under imprisonment. How did he succeed? The answer is simply, God's favor in the sight of the chief jailer. What does favor mean in the context of this passage. Favor is defined as "find favor in the eyes of men or of God", "give favor in the eyes of man or of God", and "obtain favor in the eye of the king".

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